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Basic Profile
Age: 18
Birthday: June 27
Sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Country: Malta
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5 ft 7 in / 170-172 cm
Weight: 110 lbs / 49 kg
Bra Size:
Favorite Position:
Eye Color: Green eyes
Hair Color: Brown Hair
Smoker: By Request
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish
About Hayden18
Hello to all of you boys  out there from a far corner of the world and a petite 18 yo girl named Hayden . Muaaah :) i'm all alone here in my room and i'm in the mood ! That means i love to get naughty on webcam with you and whoever is watching me . I love my sex toys and i do have plenty . My favorites are my many anal butt plugs that make me orgasm so hard but i also love my vibrators and my huge 11 " rabbit dildo to fuck my tiny pussy hole . That makes me squirt all over and scream very loud ! Aaaahh  * Mmmmhh  **
My secret stash of TOYS. 4 dildos, 2 vibrators, anal beads, 3 butt plugs and a video camera. I set up the video camera at the end of my bed and switch it on. Then i lie down on the bed with the box of toys within reach. i spread my legs open and slip my thong to the side. I am so wet that my thong is already soaking. I lightly touch my clit and let out a gasp. It feel so good to finally get some attention down there. I rub my fingers in slow circular motions teasing myself. I begin to moan and rhythmically rock my hips with the motion of my hand. With my other hand i slip open my shirt and pinch my right nipple. I am moaning louder now. My hand is covered in my juices as I slowly slide one finger into my pussy. I am teasing myself making sure I only move slowly and gently. I slowly slide one more finger in and then another. With three fingers in my pussy I start to finger fuck myself, slowly at first but gradually getting faster. I can't take it anymore. I am moaning begging myself to give in. I grab the biggest dildo out of the box and quickly shove it all the way into my pussy, all 11 inches of it. I let out a gasp and a deep moan in pleasure. I pull it almost all the way out nice and slow, feeling the veins on the outside rub against my pussy walls before shoving it hard and fast all the way back in. I moan with every thrust of the dildo. Then i do it faster and faster screaming and moaning in pleasure. When i am about to cum I tease myself and stop.

I take the dildo out and lick it clean of my sweet juices before replacing it in the box. Now i pick up my anal beads and rub it along the outside of my slit to get it nice and juiced up. Then one by one I slip each ball into my tiny ass. I moan as I feel each one pop in. Then I grab my vibrator and turn it on. It s pulsing in my hand and i run it down between my boobs and along my stomach to rest on the mound above my pussy. I hover it right above my clit for a few moments before moving it that one final inch. I push it onto my clit and rub it in circles. I am moaning so loud by now. I push the vibrator even further until I reach my pussy. I slide it inside and turn the speed up. I am fucking myself hard and fast with the vibrator moaning so loud I'm sure my neighbours could hear. I speed it up to as fast as it could go and brutally fuck myself with it screaming and moaning. I can't take it anymore. My entire body is shaking as an orgasm takes over, cum flooding out over my hand. I lay breathless for a moment before taking out my anal beads and turning off the camera satisfied........for a while at least.
Pineapple on pizza and smelly feet :-& CNN news , Tom Hank's face stubborn chunks x-(
Kinky Attributes
Pierced Pussy, Piercings, Shaved
Ass Play, Bondage, Dildos, Discipline, Domination, Foot, Hair Pulling, Handcuffs, High Heels, Lace, Masturbation, Nurse/Doctor, Oral Fixation, Paddling/Spanking, Role Playing, Toys, Vibrators, Voyeurism
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