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Basic Profile
Age: 25
Birthday: September 26
Sign: Libra
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Country: Romania
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5 ft 5 in / 165-167 cm
Weight: 110 lbs / 49 kg
Bra Size:
Favorite Position:
Eye Color: Green eyes
Hair Color: Blonde Hair
Smoker: By Request
Languages: English
About Dollmorena
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             -THANKs to all guys that make this happend-

  Hi guys, first of all I would like to thank all the members and especially the fans who have been and still are with me: You changed my life and it's so beautiful that you are a part of it :X

  My name is Anne, I'm 23 years old, with blonde hair and green eyes,I'm from Europe,I'm  5 ft 5 inches / 165-167 cm and 110 lbs / 49 kg slim and trim:D and don't forget
my naturals breasts are 34 dd ;)

  I love to be a model here...this is what represents me...maybe because I love to be in the spotlight
  I like to dress sexy and look good...especially I like to take care of myself and the way I look.And when do you feel good? Of course when hundreds of guys see that and tell you that ;) But at the same time I like to show myself without make up (In the morning)cause I like myself naturally, too, and I want you to see that I'm naturally beautiful :D

  I think I have a nice personality...I'm always cute and sweet ...try to keep me like this...or I will show you who is the boss (joke)

  I talk/understand english and just understand spanish (a little) :)

  I like to be happy (and I'm all time), but in free chat I might be serious and not smile because I like to be don't think I'm upset (but I'm different) so try to get a smile out of's easy

  The only inconvenient thing about me is that I don't have a regular schedule as to when I come online,
because I like to login everytime I feel good and I wanna talk with friends and meet others
and why not have some fun?

  I love to come online in morning after I wake up and just drink my coffe, why? Maybe because in morning we are so fresh and we have a whole day in front of us...and I can't think of a better way to start my day than coming here...and one more aspect..I think the mornings are perfect for making love...but like I told you before...I'm here all day/night, except for a few breaks.

  Like I said before, I stay here many hours ...but if you don't see me, it means that I took a break ... because if I stay in free chat more then 10-20 mins, I feel down. So I prefer to go take a break and come back fresh.
So it's possible to see me logging off many times, but don't worry it's only for few minutes ;)

  In free chat I like to talk with everybody...but I don't like to share things there..cause it's crazy (so many people there)..I would like to share things in private where it's more intimate..
  Just you and me like we don't care about nothing else except for what happens feel free to say hi in free chat, but for more make sure it's you and me only

  Also in free chat I want to be your liking, but I can't be like this all time as time as all guys ask me to show this and that..if I do all requests maybe I will be on a gym know up and down like exercise and I'm sure that if I will show my face, you want to see my body, and if I show body, you want face, and if I show ass you want tits, and if I show tits you want ass...
  I wish there was a posibility to show you all this from one pose but there isn't, so feel free and tip me for any request /tip "request message"(don't forget no nudity)

  I love cam 2 cam espcially if you give it to me when we are alone so easier to imagine our fantasy,but I don't like when you put your cock in that cam from the very first second...and also if we are in free...I don't get it..all cocks are same and don't you think I'm a nymphomaniac that when I see a cock I get sure that if you do this you will lose my respect for you.

  About my show...I can say that I have gained a lot of experience since I started to work here... and if until now I did whatever a man wanted me to do...from now I realize that I need to do what I want and what I feel and I need to be relaxed...if not I'm not me..I'm not natural and i want you to get to know me like I am, not like you tell me to be. All the time I have audio so you can hear my music...and sorry if sometimes it's not to your taste (you can reccomend me something that you like)but like I said, you can hear only music..I don't speak...maybe I make exceptions with very good friends that I know good enough and I feel comfortable doing everything
so take your time to get to know me.

  I dont change in free chat (is like I don't respect other guys who will see a sofa instead of me when i go change and away from webcam) but be sure i have hundreds of lingerie to change in pvt even if I love my ass(how its look) I don't do anal and not because I don't want...but I never done it in my life...and for sure I will not do it here..I have other options besides my asshole:)) so NO ANAL, foot fetish: I'm NOT into it  (Why to show my feet if you have a whole body to look at it or to play with), minors fetish: (come on, don't be pedophile, mature women have more experience and know how to make you feel good so let children to live their lifes and don't put them in things like this), weird roleplay

  Like I said before I like to be natural to me myself so in my show I like to be delicate romantic spoiled not just put a plastic into my pussy and fuck myself like crazy..
  I like to have feelings, and a plastic in my pussy (fucking hard) destroys my sensitive side...but there is a big if you know how to get me to be wild...all this things come true, cause if I have the perfect guy beside me and know how to treat me I like to be crazy and for some moments to forget about everything... but everything starts with romantic things then...wild and crazy ones you only need to warm me
like an egine..if you want all his power, prepare first ;)

  How I want things to go here? first of all I want to be friend with everyone and to get to know you a little after this...
I want to be special to each man because nobody is the same, like the fingers that we have on one hand (each is different)
but for all this I need time to get to know so I do my best for you ;), I dont like to do the same show for all guys like I'm on a tv show, like a marionette
  I like when you look at my recorded show to know that show was with you cause I do something special for you...
so share your fantasies with me..and everytime think about something different..more crazy, more wild;)

  Please don't join my fan club just for the lower price, if you are that kind of man who only wants some pussy for a few minutes
(advice: buy a magazine) I say this because I like the idea to have less fans but all of them are the greatest (I think my fans are my friends :X)

  To end..I wanna say I'm here for make you happy, relaxed after a day of work or just out of normal life...I'm your fantasy and I hope you will come into my room to meet me

  I wait for you to come into my room and get to know me better :*
Your simple presence in my room turn me on...and of course if you join my fan club you show me that you like me and I'm special for you so we can keep in touch

  TIPS and GIFTS, who doesn't love tips and's like a surprise and everytime you will tip me or give me a gift, I will be very happy and for sure make you happy, too.

  Also if you grant me one minute by rating me and leave a simple message after every private(it's a way to show me you appreciated me)

  To be into your favorite list
I think nothing can turn me off as time as I don't want...keep calm, be happy:P
  I'm smart enough to not answer challenges from some rude or impolite guys, we are here to have fun right? be happy:X

  Maybe the only thing I don't like and it's because I don't have something to that when you are in pvt and you just leave...and because I can't get my revenge, be sure I will remember you, and the next time you will be in my room I all treat you same;)
Kinky Attributes
Piercings, Tattoos, Shaved
Discipline, Domination, Hair Pulling, High Heels, Lace, Latex, Leather, Masturbation, Oral Fixation, Paddling/Spanking, Role Playing, Voyeurism
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