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Phone: 1 408-702-1044
1 866-942-2084 (Toll Free Domestic)

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New Studio? Need Help?:

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You can become a studio :

Complete our online application process (simply follow the step by step instructions).

Once your documents are received and processed, a "Studio account" will be opened for you, and you will be emailed a confirmation. We are unable to approve partial submissions. To avoid delays, please make sure you all forms are completed and all images provided as requested. You may send all information in multiple emails (due to large file sizes), but ALL EMAILS MUST BE SENT AT THE SAME TIME.

Once your Studio account is established you will receive further information on how to add models to your staff. We must have documentation on file for anyone appearing on camera. Violations may lead to immediate termination of your account.

We highly recommend our online process, however if you do choose to submit manually, you can-

  1. Email your documentation to:
  2. Or-
  3. Mail your application package to:
    Attn. : Model's Department-Studio Applications
    910 E. Hamilton Ave, Sixth Floor,
    Campbell, CA 95008, USA
    You can also call:
    • Tel (International): (702) 434-0599
    • Tel (USA): (877) 434-0599

    Thank you !

    We look forward to working with you !

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