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What are the rules for multiple models on one stream?

In accordance of the 2257 law, each and every model is assigned to a specific stream to broadcast from. Models are NOT ALLOWED to appear on streams they are not assigned to, and such violations can lead to the termination of the model's or Studio's contract. If have a couple that wants to perform together, both models must be assigned to that stream (both models, however, are NOT required to be present for a show on that particular stream).

New models CAN be added to an existing stream (and new streams can be created) by the Studio, subject to the standard documentation/approval process. Similarly, models can be assigned to multiple streams (one for single shows, one for couple shows, one for a different couple, etc.), so long as they are all run by the same Studio.

To add/remove models and streams, the Studio must send a request to Customer Service.The stream should be named in such a way that lets Users know there are multiple persons in that room.

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