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Basic Profile
Age: 26
Birthday: December 30
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Country: United States
Ethnicity: Black
Bra Size: 26A
Favorite Position:
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Black Hair
About ChocoSexy
All that u see is who I am... naughty, friendly, HOT. I love to flirt with my guys, make u feel comfortable with me and of course so I'll be

-_ ______,8888b________________""888888888888888
-__ _____d8P' ' '__,aa,________________'""8888888888b
-______( 88888888888888888888,_______,8888888888888,
-____ __d888888888888888888888,____,8___"888988888b
-__ ____88888888888888888888888__.;8_'"""__(88888888
-______8888888888888I"8888888P__,8"_,aaa,___888888 8
-______888888888888I:8888888"__,8"__ `b8d'____(88888
-______Y8888888888I'888888P'__,8) ____________88888
-______`88888888I"__8888P'___, 8"_ ___________88888
-_______8888888I'___888"___,8"_ _ (.__.)________88888
-_______Y8888I"_____"88,__,8" ______________,88888P
-_______`888I'_______"P8_,8 "_______________,88888)
-_______(88I'__________", 8"___]M"""""""M____,888888
-______,8I"___________ _,8(_____"aaaa"___,8888888
-_____,8I'____________ ,888a___________,8888888)
-____,8I'____________,8 88888,_______,888888888
-___,8I'____________,8888 8888'`-===-'888888888'
-__,8I'____________,888888 8888,_____888888888
-__8I'____________,8""8888888 88a____"888888888'
-__8I____________,8'__88888888 888a,__`P88888'
-__8I___________,8I___`8888888888 888a___" P888'
-__(8,_________,8P'_____`88888888888888a___ "I8bma,.
-___8I________,8P'_________"888888888888 88a____""P8ma,
-___(8,______,8d"___________`"8888 888888888a,_______`"8a
-____8I_____,8dP__________ __`88888)_"888888b,________:8b
-____(8____,8dP'__ ___,I______,88888_____"888888,__8,___8)
-_____8,_ __8dP_'___,I________88888___8, _"88888___"8,_,8
-_____8I___8P'___,I__________"88 8'_____`8,_,_8888'_____"8,I8
-______I8,_____',I__ __________"88_______`8,_8888"_______"8I,
-______` 8I____ ,I'_______________________`8_"88'___________"8,
- ______'8I_____(8_________,aaa,__________8__88,___ _________"8,
-______,8I____8I__________88W88_____ _____8__"88_____________"8,
-______d8I,___I8_____ _____88M88__________8____"8______________,8,
-___ __888I____"8,__________"""____________8___________ _______(88W
-_____8888,____I8,___________________ ___,8I__________________(88M
-____,8888I_____Pb,_ ___________________,8'8,___________________`8"
-_ ___d88888,_____Pb,__________________,8'_`8,_______ __________,8"
-____888888I______"Pa______________ __,aP'___`8,______________,8"
-____8888888,______ `Iba.____________,aP"______`8a___________a8"
-___ _8888888I,_________"I8bmmmmmdP"____________"8a____ __,8"
-____(8888888I,___________""""""________.__ _________"8mmmP"
-_____88888888I,________________ _____,8I__8,_________I8"
-______"""88888I,_______ ____________,8I'____"I8,______;8"
-_____________` 8I,________________,8I'_______`I8,____8)
-_______ _______`8I,______________,8I'__________I8___:8'
- _______________`8I,____________,8I'___________I8__ _:8
-________________`8I__________,8I'___________ __`8__(8
-_________________8I________,8I'________ ________8__(8;
-_________________8I______,8"_____ _____________I___88,
-________________.8I_____,8' _______________________8"8,
-________________(PI_ ____'8________________________8,`8,
-____________ ___.8I'_______________@@____________'8,`'8,
-___ ____________(PI_______________@@@____________`8,`8 ,
-______________(RI'__.______________@@'_______. _____"b__`8,
-_____________.BI'_______,I_________ ____________8I_____"a__`8,
-____________.8I'_____ _,8'______________________,8______9,__`8,
-______ _____.8I'_____,8'_______________________,8I'______ `8___`8,
-__________.8I'____,8'__________________ ______,8I'________,8___`8,
-__________d8'___8'___ ______________________,dI"_______ 8___,__`8,
-_________(8I____8____________________ ____,dI"_________ 8___II___'`8
-_________8I________________________ ____,8I'___________(8__'8)____8;
-________(8'____ _______________________.8"____________(8___8)___8I
-________8I______:____________________:_________ ______ 8,__(8___:8
-_______(8'_______V,_________________ :__________________`8,8____8
-_______8I________`V ,______________,8___________________`8,8___;8
-__ _____8'__________Va,_________,a8'_________________ ____`8I__,8'
-_______8____________V8baaaaad88'___ ____________________8'_,8'
-_______8_____________ V88888888'_______________________8__,8'
-_______8 ______________V888888"_______________________d'__8 '
-_______8_______________V88888_________________ _______8_8'
-_______8________________"V88'_______ __________________"8"
-_______8,________________V 8___________________________8
-_______8I_________ ________,8'__________________________d)
-_______` 8,_______________d8__________________________,8
- ________(b_______________8'_______________________ __,8'
-_________8,_____________dP________________ _________,8'
-_________(b_____________8'_________ _______________,8'
-__________8,___________d8____ ____________________,8'
-__________(b___________8 '_______________________,8'
-___________8,_______ __a8_______________________,8'
-___________(b____ _____8'______________________,8'
-____________8,_ ______,8______________________,8'
-____________(b _______8'_____________________,8'
-_____________8 ,_____,8_____________________,8'
-_____________(b _____8'____________________,8'
-______________8,_ __d8____________________,8'
-______________(b__,8 '____________________,8'
-_______________8,,I8___ _________________,8'
-_______________I8I8'_______ ____________,
I love sensual moments, I like let my imagination take me to a sensual-sexual time and if u like it too, well, we'r synchronized :D YOU with ME is the best fantasy ever ?
I don't like rude people :( when u are nice to me is more easy to have a good time and do whatever we want ;) so try ? One-minute men..I do not like boys left me Hot and WET. Finish what u start :P
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