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Basic Profile
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference:
Country: Philippines
Ethnicity: Asian
Bra Size:
Favorite Position:
Eye Color: Black eyes
Hair Color: Black Hair
Smoker: No
Languages: English, Tagalog
About DaringAngels
Hello, Everyone!!
I'm Champgne. I'm a nice, open-mined, understanding girl. I'm a happy kind.
I'm easy to smile and easy to do with. I don't know what else to say about myself.
I'm not too good when it comes to describing myself.
So if you wanna find out more, I guess you will have to come and talk to me. ^^'

The following are the questions that I've always been asked over and over.
I wrote them here so you dont have to waste your time asking me these:

Q: What's your real name?
A: Champagne is my real middle name and most people call me Champagne, So Champ.

Q: Where are you from, champagne?
A: Well, I'm filipina .... How about that!?

Q: But where do you live?
A: philippines were else lols .

Q: Can I see your boobs/ass/pussy, please?
   Take your panties off and show some ass!
   Can you take your shirt off and do a hand bra?
   Point your ass to the cam, Bitch!
   You do that for me, I'll take you PVT!
A: Listen Mister... if you wanna get girls naked, you'll HAVE TO make them WANT TO get naked,
   make them FEEL comfortable to get naked, NOT asking/telling/begging them to get naked.
   I believe all girls want to please men who treat them right and know how to make them
   feel good. So a rude-cheap beggar like you aint gonna get any girl naked today! Ciao!

Q: ............
A: Beautiful girls do not need to worry about people not seeing their beauty.
   Beautiful girls do not need to try to be somebody else.
   Beautiful girls do not need to fight for attention.
   Beautiful girls do not need to make other girls ugly to make themselves feel more beautiful.
   I believe theres beauty in everything and everyone.
   You ARE beautiful so, let it show
   Do not cover your beauty with all the ugly saying and ugly doing.
   It does not make you more beautiful, you know that well...
   Be beautiful, Think beautiful and all eyes will be on you
   Without having to lift a finger or trying to bring me down
   OR promoting yourself in my chat room..

Q: Dance! champagne  dance!! Why aint you dancing!?
A: Yeah! I love to dance and I dance most of the time I'm online
   but... I aint no dance machine. I can't dance all the time.
   I'll dance when I feel like and you can't make me! So you'll wait or come back later!

Q: Are you horny?
A: I try to get online only when I'm horny.. So I sure am horny but,
   if I'm not, I'll let you know. I know you don't want a bad show
   and I don't wanna give you one neither..

Q: Do you do anal?
A: yes i do..? ^^'

Q: What do you think about the other models, champagne?
A: I think they're HOT!! ^^

Q: Stupid bitch/Ugly slut/Bla Bla Bla!
A: Yea Yea.. Tell me something I don't know.. (*Making monkey faces*)

Q: Are you single?
A: I hope so.

Q: Do you like older men?
A: Yes, I believe older men have experiences and they're sexy!

Q: Cam2Cam?
A: Cam2cam is fun!

Q: Do you have toys and sound?
A: Yes, I have do toys and sound.

Q: Your schedule lies, Why are you always late for work?
A: Unfortunately, I cannot be horny ALL the time (or in time).
   It's not like I can get online when it's time.. and put it in and cum.
   I have to be in the mood. I don't wake up horny everyday. It's just the way it is, I am sorry.
   And I do have a life outside this, I have things to do.
   I sometimes get sick. I sometimes oversleep and I sometimes have a bad day (too!).

Q: Tell something sexual?
A: Sure..

Q: Something you want to say, Champagne?
A: 1. oh  yeah !
   2. Dont make me fall in "whatever" with you.
   3. Don't you see I got people to entertain here?
       I don't have time to deal with the rude/stupid ones,
       So Mister Stupid, if you still wanna be stupid, Be so!
       But don't be surprised when you find out that you cannot enter my room
       or see my profile or anything about me ever again coz, that is just me blocking you.
       And once I block some one, I never unblock.
       (*Just to be sure that you wont get another chance to come back and bug me again.*)
       So behave in my chat room, Dont start a fight or say something
       stupid/rude to me or another costumers.
       (*There are over a million customers on this site and I don't give a ....
       I will GLADLY block the stupid/rude ones.*)
   4. Dont ask me personal information coz, I'm not planing to tell anyone anything.
   5. I'm sorry if my camera falls down or the connection breaks or the cats jump in..
   6. I'm sorry if sometimes I dont respond everything you type coz,
       sometimes a lot of people type to me at the same time. I can't always keep track.
   7. If you don't like the song I'm playing, Just turn of your speakers, Thank you.. -*-
   8. I DO mind when you type to me with Caplocks on,
       I'd feel like you're yelling at me. It's kinda scary when a guy
       came in to the room with "HOW ARE YOU, BB" or "SHOW ASS, BB".. (*LOL*)^^'
   9. Copycats are  b r a i n l e s s.
   10. I have problems looking into the camera
          and blowing kisses, Just so you know..
   11. Some of the costumers take me PVT just to talk to me.
          Believe me.. I ask them what they wanna see, How they want the show to be.
          I always try to give the best show I can.. but sometimes they just wanna just talk.
          So if you watch my recorded shows and see me just lay there and do nothing,
          Please understand. I am sorry for the dissapointment. -*-
          And if you feel like I gave you a bad show/recorded show,
          you can always call Streamray, explain it and charge the money back.
          I'd understand and I wont get mad, I promise..
   12. Thanks so much to all the fans and those who're supporting me.
          Including YOU, thank you for checking out my Bio! ^^
   13. If you wanna know more about something, Just ask me..

Q: Why should I join your Fanclub, champagne?
A: Well.. Being in my Fanclub means having 24/7 access to see me (nude),
   Having discounts and bla bla bla. (You heard it all before) but that's not all. Ask me about it.
   Do you like me? Do you want me to know that you like me?
   Do you miss me when I am not online?
   Do you want to get to know me better/get closer to me?
   Do you want to have a little more time with me in PVT or Nude chat?
   Would you rather spend less then 10$/month to join the fanclub
   and get to see ALL the recorded shows for FREE then pay to see them for 0.99$/minute?
   Are you smart enough to realize what a great deal it is?
   If that is so, then you should totally  J O I N  my Fanclub! ^^

Q: champagne, What do you do in PVT and Nude chat?
A: You're the boss in PVT. You can tell me what you like me to do but, not weird stuff, Okay?
   And when I say weird stuff you know what they are, right?
really turn me on.. seeing ure face smile and ure hard cock..:) people who speak the truth.. wat he felt.. by seeing me ;)
hey ..people who waste time .. want to see  free show .. people who goes in my room not even saying hi.. (stand up show ure tits show ure ass!) heloo ..!! its like ure going to the other house just passing by the owner not even saying hi heloo.. may i come in lols ..its not really good attitude ..
Kinky Attributes
Piercings, Shaved
Ass Play, Dildos, Discipline, High Heels, Masturbation, Nipples, Role Playing, Toys, Vibrators
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