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Basic Profile
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference:
Country: United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bra Size:
Favorite Position:
Eye Color: Brown eyes
Hair Color: Red Hair
Smoker: By Request
Languages: English
About Legggs
I am not responsible for arousal due to images viewed My fan club profile, or during free or nude chat, and especially during a private chat!  Furthermore, I cannot be responsible for any doctor bills from resulting cramps in fingers and wrists or that horrid orgasm foot cramp some experience.  If one should need psychaictric help, to rid your mind of the sexy and or goofy images you are about to witness, it too will not be payable by me, come play with me at your own risk..... viewer discretion required must be 18 years or older... =]

Do these really get read?  I mean, You ARE on a site packed full Of NAKED people, rite? Im guessing prolly not, but say screw it and write on and on....  Im Heather. I'm 100% AMERICAN MADE!! Corn fed Country girl from the midwest.. If you want me to tell you how sexy I am...keep waiting, I wont.  

So, a lil about myself..and what I enjoy... Picking daiseys, Chasing rainbows after a storm, playing bare foot in the mud,and making my hair a windblown mess every chance I get, on the bike.

I dig naked golf, crisco twister, PORN, which leads...to... masterbation races, where I usually loose.  I get all dickstracted n stufF  :)
Like everyone else in the world, Im just a girl, tryin to make it out there, and while Im trying, why not make it a fun adventure?

Oh Oh..and ORGASMS...rate bout number one on the list of things I enjoy... =]  
Im asked often if Im married?  FOR SURE I AM!!  almost 15 years now... And hes a pretty groovy Dude.  I love him lots, so please, for me.  respect.  thanks.

I work here for FUN most importantly, therefore, you will NEVER hear me beg or ask you to join my fan club or take me to pvt.  If you dig me, you will gladly sweep me offa my feet...and challenge me to a race of our own.  =]  Im no begger nor am I diggin for gold.    So, you will hear no begging from me..  :D
unless of coarse YOU tell me to beg...then I will gladly beg you to stuff my throat full of your cock.  =]

Pricing is as follows, I will update any pricing changes here..in my bio section for your convienience.
3.49  non fan pvt...
2.49 for fans...
2.49 nude.

1.99 voyer view...but PLEASE REALIZE...VOYER is a SHOW FOR SOMEONE ELSE...FULFILLING THEIR WISHES...You may not love what you see...so if you like to bitch..dont be a voyer...
**NEW**  I wil be doing Happy Hour 2 occasionally...which is from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m...Not sure how this will work, but again I am guessing there will be little "chatting" and a whole lot of petting the klitty and stuffing my holes.  Its kind of hard to type when Im riding my big pink peter.  So sit back..stroke your bone..and well..SHOW me.  I love to watch..too!
FINALLY..My scheduling.  It kinda sux.  The only time I can find..interruption free..is when the rest of the house is sleeping, so you will most likely only see me on during the late hours. I do try to make some days as well.  Being a mom...I wont apologize for my lack of a SET schedule, its a given, In life, my kids come first. :)  
That Just makes it so so much funner when we do catch eachother on here....

ok, SERIOUSLY...this lil bio is thing is def long enough.  Come talk to me now that you know a lil more about me and have less shit to ask...
I love to be told PRE pvt, what you want.  I mean, I just hate letting anyone down...it lets ME down to do so.  I want you to get what you expect out of a pvt...thats all.

PHONE...YES!  I so would rather talk to you than the computer.  It only makes sense, that I want to really hear what you have to say to me, rather than fanangle my body around so I can still read your typing.. =]

Show your face.  Its nice to SEE who Im about to make smile.  Besides, I have to show mine...fair is fair. Rite?

Humpig my husband in nude chat is ALWAYS fun.  
I also love it when he peeks in on me while im "working".  Pretty much guaranteed to get laid after, So I owe you all thanks for that. =]

Just be real, We are all here for the same reason, and thats to have some fun, see naked people and you know. what usually happens next. =]
pushy and arrogant people....fo sho! Be groovy...its not that hard.  

Cock Humiliation/Making fun of of anyone..It truely doesnt come natural to me, and is a turn off to me to have to be so fake.  It simply isnt my personality to be mean...I can't do it.

umm....guys who ask for nudity in free chat..Its against the rules and im not gettin grounded cause of u!

I dont really like the mic...
sorry, I know I suck
but I feel kinda rediculous talking to my computer..if you want to hear my voice I can call u in private...I LOVE THAT!

Im not gonna poop or pee on or in anything for you...I cant take a fist, so dont ask...
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