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Basic Profile
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference:
Country: Poland
Bra Size:
Favorite Position:
Eye Color:
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Smoker: By Request
Languages: English
About MayRose
BONJOUR So you wanna know about mee .... if you're actually reading this; I like you already. If you actually want to know who I am you've made it to my good side. My name is Casey I hate trying to explain myself over the internet because it's impossible to understand me without fully knowing me. I won't sit here and tell you how awesome I am you can decide what you want for yourself. I come from a pretty normal-leading life. Attending college for Computer Engineering and Programming. (Yes im a tech geek!!) I have one dream in life and that is to travle the world. i was born on November 3rd i'm a people pleaser but only to an extent, i would never change myself or my views because someone else said so. I have much to high standards. i think a LOT, too much sometimes of my childhood and the future. i guess you could say i'm at a point in my life where i feel seriously stuck - between giving up on being a teenager and becoming an adult. there are so many things i wish i could have changed, but the hard part about moving on is never looking back. i try not to regret the things i do because all in all i did them for some reason - i believe strongly in fate and karma; you will get what you deserve. I've always been happy with my life but have always wanted something more. we all have flaws and not once did i ever think i was perfect - i just ask you to respect my opinions as i will yours. it's a crazy world we live in; how many people say they hate backstabbers and liars but yet that's all we've shown for ourselves. don't say you hate shit-talkers if you are one yourself; and if you're to tell me you've never talked bad about someone in your life then you're a liar. i've learned a lot of things about life the hard way; i guess that's because i was born a scorpio, hard-headed i won't have it any other way but my way. i've hurt some people and people have hurt me; but life works out in that funny way that you know everything is going to be all right at the end of the day. i don't need make-up all day everyday; but it sure does make me feel good. i have a huge fear of death and i can't stand it when my nails are chipped. i leave the toilet seat open and i sing in the shower. i don't think i'm insanely attractive and i'm actually really harsh on myself, but that doesn't mean i'm not proud of what i got. having confidence in yourself is what makes you beautiful. i've never ever thrown up my food and i HATE HATE HATE when people call me anorexic just because i have a small body frame. i learned that opinions are just words; negative or postive; it's what YOU think about yourself that really matters. you can feel so small in such a huge world, but everyone looks at the same moon. everyone *****s and everyone heals; life is such a crazy thing. I look forward to every day, and leave yesterdays problems in yesterday. I'm very outgoing and I say things straight up. and can make the worst comments in the most weird situations. I have many friends, but I can only count on my fingers the ones I trust. I have a huge heart. I'm always for the fun. People who don't know how to have fun are gay. If someone asked me what I like to do for fun, there would be so many things that it would make it impossible to answer. i love being young, dumb, and making mistakes. i dread the day i have to look back on my life and realize that it's too late to do this; or how i should have done that. i try not to regret. i don't want to regret anything; because everything you do determines your future. everything comes back to you eventually; so learn to love others as you would yourself. it's a cruel world; and you have to learn how to make the best of it. no matter what people say, they judge without thinking. So judge me. Tell me something that you think might bring me down, if that's what makes you feel better inside. I can get along with mostly ANYONE; and will help just about anyone in need. if i had a million dollars, well, i'd spend it all. Don't try and change my opinions on things; i'm perfectly capable of doing that myself. I find it so sad when people you know become people you knew ... but my best advice is to be nice to everyone you encounter cuz you never know when you're going to see them again. What doesn't kill me will only make me stronger ... and I continue to get stronger everyday. now go creep on someone elses profile haha!! =D <3 xoxoxo <3

As a new performer I am very excited and feel honored to be here.I believe this is for me beacuse I have always loved photography and never have memory space on my phone due to tons of picts.I am not self-centered nor anything else along those lines.I am here to start a career and have fun doing what I love.Photography and Sex.Being 18 years old you may think immaturity is possible,I think everyone can be a lil immature when they want but trust me I had to grow up fast.Although I have always gotten what I wanted or needed,I am not stuck up at all. I love meeting new people and making friends.I hope every other performer the best and as to my viewers,thank you and I hope to chat with you and keep you as a regular viewer.I will be online everyday,so there is no telling what I may get into.I am very anxious to start chatting and making videos.I have already posted more picts but there will be alot more.I see that my picts are not all I want them to be,so just check back with my bio from time to time or as regular as you want,there will always be something new!Best Wishes and I will keep you updated!

Close to my skin
I'm falling in
Someone who's been

Sittin' by the phone
I'm left alone
In another zone

she says to live above hell
My will is well

No one is waiting
For me to fail
My will could sail yeah

It's such a waste to be wasted
In the first place
I want to taste the taste of
Being face to face with common grace
To meditate on the warmest dream
And when I walk alone I listen
To our secret theme

Your solar eyes are like
Nothing I have ever seen
Somebody close
That can see right through
I'd take a fall and you know
That I'd do anything
I will for you

Sailin' for the sun
'Cause There is one
Knows where I'm from

I care for you
I really do I really do
Welcome in my world!I'm all real,all live,ALL Yours!My real pleasure its Your Fantasy so cum now & share with me all ur fetishes,freely ur imagination,let me fulfil ur hidden desires and drive me deep in ur fantasy!I do performe all kind of shows, starting with hot cums live, my wetness dripping, continue with all kind of fetishes shows,huge natural breasts shows, hot lingeries,bunch of sexy outfits, pvc , high heels/boots, latex, fishnet, leather , laces, costumes, toys/strapon &any new kinky stuff. I performe also any kind of role-play,I am ur Goddess, ur ideal dream woman, hot secretary/boss,inn ocent schoolgirl/sever teacher, bondage shows ,strapon &toys for domm/submissive shows.I can be ur slutty ***** & ur HOT MISTRESS!Whatever U want I can be and performe for u in my sexiest way to be. I also use digital performant zoomable camera & fast DSL internet connection.Acting ur hidden desires and fantasy with u its my need and like an extrabonus my irresistibile smile drive you crazy!
///bad boys!! looking for your company tonight! :-)///
When I am not modeling, nothing relaxes me and clears my head better than a nice work out or cooking! I am also a huge car freak, so I enjoy attending local car meets and shows. Anything to do with some American Muscle cars, Im in!
The experience of being watched by thousands of ppl is a big TURN ON!Voyeurism is a gr8 enjoyment to me,i cant get enough to please and tease u!Just knowing that ur excited because me..big TURN ON..LOVE TO PLAY WITH UR MIND..

 I love cam 2 cam, zoom on your cock, seeing cum  __$$$$$$$$*_____ ________________,,$$$$$$$$*
___$$$$$$$$$$,,_______________, ,$$$$$$$$$$*
____$$$$$$$$$$$$__ ._____.___$$$$$$$$$$$$
____$$$$$$$$$$$$$,_`.____.`_,,$$$$ $$$$$$$$$
____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,, `.__,`_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.@:.$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$
__________,,, __*$$$$$$@.$$$$$$,,,,,,
_____,,$$$$$$$$$$$$$* @ *$$$$$$$$$$$$,,,
___ ,,*$$$$$$$$$$$$$__.@.__*$$$$$$$$$$$$$,,
_,,*___*$$$$$$$$$$$ ___*___*$$$$$$$$$$**`,,
______ ,*$*$,$$**`___________`**`$$,$*$**,,
____,;`*___`_.*______ ____________*___ `*,,
,,,,.;*____________---____________ _ ____
I'm a nice girl with real personality, not a dummy. Please keep that in mind while we are together. ;o)
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