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Basic Profile
Age: 26
Sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Country: United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5 ft 0 in / 152-154 cm
Weight: 100 lbs/ 45 kg
Bra Size: 26B
Favorite Position: Doggie Style
Eye Color: Blue eyes
Hair Color: Brown Hair
Languages: English
About MysticWillow
Hello Everyone and Good Day, My name is Will short for Willow, I'm from the Northeast U.S.A. and this is the part where you learn all about ME!!!! YAY!
Hmm where to begin, let's see, First off I would have to say that I enjoy sex almost as much as I love air, and since air is essential to life than sex is my second essential to life I couldn't dare live without it. Some things about me that people notice tend to be that I'm quiet spoken, but can be outgoing and flirtatious, I like to laugh so if you make me laugh brownies points for you. My mood is changeable so some days I'm loud, most day's I'm quiet, some days I'm shy and sweet, your typical girl next door/nerdy girl in class that you so wanted to fuck cause you knew she was a hot freak, girls like that always are. Some days I'm your little submissive school girl being punished by her teacher, or spanked by her daddy, and some days, some days I'm your Dom that wants to watch you cum for me just the way I tell you too, and you WILL like it, But the thing that makes me the wettest by far is CAM 2 CAM! I love to watch YOU getting off, and if watching you wasn't enough to make me cum right there on the spot, Hearing YOU moan and scream out loud, will absolutely get me to cum. Sound like fun does it, :I can see you nodding your head in agreement:
Well what are you waiting for me cum see me right now, and if that didn't excite you enough, check out my bedroom manner.

My bedroom personality has been described as kinky and fun. I like trying new things to a point, some of the really out there stuff doesn't always agree with me, but I can understand it and respect it as long as you understand that I may not like it,and ridicule me for it. Some of my favorite things in the bedroom are slow foreplay, tenacious sex, love the feel of fingertips barely touching my skin gets me so hot and wet, I absolutely love being eaten out, there nothing like feeling of a experienced tongue working your cunt to make you scream in orgasm. Threesomes are the spice of life I always you learn so many new things, and get to really enjoy the things you already love, I love watching two people fuck while I finger myself, or being fucked and having my ass fingered or better yet rimmed. I love when people fuck my ass with there fingers, if feels so good especially when there fucking me I feel so incredibly full. Submissive school girl is always a fun one especially when tied down, you want to hear me scream tie me down and spank me.
All Righty, now that I got you hot and bothered, let's put my bedroom manner aside for a minute shall we. Some of my other favorite things to do are bowling, I love to bowl what other game is there that the soul purpose of the game is to destroy something and get points from it. I enjoy video games, yes I can be dork but I'm a hot sexy dork that wants to fuck you. (Hence the shy mood), Comedy movies are always fun along with funny television. I enjoy anything that makes me laugh which is why cartoons can be so awesome and who here doesn't like cartoons. If you can't love cartoons than your a big stick in the mud and need to lighten up and have some real fun, everyone needs to be a kid at some point in there life even when their 30. So smile laugh and have fun like a child, you'll thank me for it later. :)
I enjoy reading lots of different things ranging from financial books to children's books.(Fairy Tales etc.)
Work usually takes up a huge part of my life, so if I'm disappeared for a few that's why. But I promise to always come back and love you guys more than ever when I do. Without YOU I wouldn't be here. I thank you for that. :Kisses:
I love for everyone to come and talk to me, tell me how to please you, tell me how to fuck you, or have me tell you how to come. I'm a fun loving girl that loves sex, but I am just a girl and was not born with superpowers, at least that I'm not aware of yet. :Glees happily: Some of my not so acquired skills include fisting, squirting, urinating,pooping, or anything that is considered illegal, as I mentioned earlier I understand and respect there ideas, I prefer not to engage in them please respect my decisions. Thank You.
Well I hope you learned a little more about me and will come and Join Me real soon, whether it be for some good old intelligent conversation, or down right hot sex, cum and join me for some hot sexy fun.
Just a little bit of business to attend to as well. First and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone that has joined my fan club, your are awesome and thanks for supporting me.
For all of you wonderful and lovely people out there that HAVEN'T joined my fan club now is the perfect moment to go ahead and do that. :sees you looking at the big yellow fan club button and clicking it.: Here is all the HOT and SEXY things that come along with joining my fan club.


Want to see all my recorded show for FREE, yup that's right I said FREE. :I see you shaking you head yes: Than it's real easy all you got to do is click that big yellow button that say "JOIN MY FAN CLUB" and it's simple as that. So go ahead click that button you know you want to all the hot sexy pictures of me, naked,wet, and totally wanting you. (Pictures updated regularly) this includes all of my show photos,Nude photos, and Fan Club photos.Also you get FREE and UNLIMITED access to all my recorded shows all the time 24/7 so you can see me anytime you want. What could be better than that, how about 10% taken off all of my private and nude shows, Yeah that sounds just as good if not better. :) I love learning about people especially YOU, what better way to learn more about each other than by sending emails of all our dirty little secrets, and everyday life experiences with one another. Totally Free when you JOIN MY FAN CLUB. As an extra bonus if you go ahead and sign up as a PREMIER member you get an exclusive 20% off all my private and nude shows. :)


Leaving all 10's on all of my private and nude show ratings.

VOTE FOR ME! for site awards and contests.


Leave all 10's on my recorded private shows.
^^^^^^^^^^^THANK YOU EVERYONE^^^^^^^^^^^

MY Fans
The fact that I turn YOU on!! :)
To know exactly what YOU want in prvt chat.  
Intelligent Conversations
People that say Thank You and Goodbye after prvt shows.
9 and 10's on my stats on all shows and profile stats
British Accents
Oral Sex
Telling me I'm sexy, hot,cute,attractive
Men and Woman that have a decent amount of stamina
Long Prvt Shows Cam 2 Cams
I love watching and hearing guys and girls cum.
Nude Shows
School Girl Role Play/Dress Up
BEGGARS, If you are gonna beg in my free chat and whine at me to show or do things that you know i can not do, than go somewhere else. There is a reason it's called a *FREE* chat.

RUDE/DISRESPECTFUL ASSHOLES, If you are just gonna come into my room to harass me by saying I'm ugly, I need to get a job and such crap, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM!! Better yet don't even come in my room, your not impressing anyone by acting that way, you ever think that may be the reason you aren't getting laid in the first place, it's rude and disrespectful to everyone that's come to enjoy a good time and disturbs the atmosphere. So if your gonna be an asshole just get the fuck out. Thank You.

One Minute Men/Woman, Stamina is a favorable quality.

Asking me to do things that I can't/won't do, see above in Bio for answers.
Kinky Attributes
Hairy, Shaved
Ass Play, Blindfolds, Bondage, Masturbation, Nipples, Oral Fixation, Paddling/Spanking, Depilation (Shaving, Hair Removal), Role Playing, Dildos, Discipline, Domination, Scent, Ears, Slave/Master, Tongue, Feathers, Toys, Hair Pulling, Vibrators, Handcuffs, Voyeurism, High Heels, Lace
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