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(Average of 1235 ratings and 552 reviews)
24772 Favorites
Basic Profile
Age: 30
Birthday: December 01
Sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Country: Sweden
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5 ft 3 in / 160-162 cm
Weight: 100 lbs/ 45 kg
Bra Size: 34D
Favorite Position:
Eye Color: Hazel eyes
Hair Color: Blonde Hair
Smoker: No
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Russian
About Raysaa
Copy this link if you want to  become a member and be able to talk with me :

If you really want,you will find a way,if not,you will find an excuse.

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think.”
                                                Dale Carnegie



jcrt1@upforit: FYI- My cock is 1" long.
raysaa: :))))))))
raysaa: that's a clit:))
jcrt1@upforit: BUT it's 12" in diaMETER
jcrt1@upforit: tHEY CALL ME "TUNA CAN".

pieman1204@cams: Put whip cream on a paper plate and splatter it in your face

pimanuel@cams to You: Hi honey,i want to slap that face in pvt while you suck your toy? u agree?
� You to pimanuel: u can slap u're face in the mirror while u're fucking u're ass with a huge dildo

sjb123456@cams to You: no, i'm not married
sjb123456@cams to You: if i were married, i would tell u that i have a big cock, not that i had koala bears
This guy is not  a weirdo ,he's just hilarious

king741421@cams: yummy
king741421 has 00:01:00 remaining
king741421@cams: can u vomit for me

magaum@upforit: You can go with my mom  to nyc

batjoe29@cams: with your beautiful eyes makes the small Grey one curl up on both sides from telephone pole to pole every time you look at it hard and long Enough

mies762@upforit: Do you want to look pathetic when runkkaan Pippel wife and temperate trousers? Arrows just a wife pussy clean when strange man fuck him with a big dick
raysaa:stop eating mushrooms

jjlovesit12@cams: could u try and shove ur hand in ur pussy in private

johnnyb010@cams: lemme see what I'm paying for first
Are u nuts or blind????

ace93239@cams to You: what can i expect in pvt? [reply private]
You to ace93239: not much
You to ace93239: then u would not be very disappointed�

jonathan_keith@upforit: Are you part of a beautiful group of women that want to kidnapp me to impregnate them yes or no serious?

billgreen@upforit: Aliens distortions scram**** the frequency beam up beam down scramble equals verification mind control wavelength distortions everywhere

cuckkyiam@cams: your so pretty you could fart in my face and I would like it

rorodsteel722@cams: have you took a good shit lately?

memygirlani@ffadult: I'll fuck ur pussy like a jack hammer till ur pussy dripping

ccmp1000@cams to You: can u fart
Raysaa: they are watching a beautiful woman and all what they can ask is if I can fart?????

scottm52@cams: vomit on tits

alanleh@cams: U want to see my cock have 3 ball
Raysaa: are u from Mars?

� krockwell@cams: if we go into pvt chat can you fart for me and say my name

sebastien933@francolive: show me your body bb
raysaa: show me u're wallet ;)

jimmy3567789@payg: what is seven inches, hasnt had sex in a week, and is almost ready to blow a mammoth load!?

drew12568@cams: fuck go pees In panties do it now girl show girl  go pees in panties see  raysaa pees in panties  

nik5x5@cams: Hi BB!
raysaa: hi nik
nik5x5@cams: Can u fart for me, for real, with ass in pvt? ;-)

thehangman666@cams to You: hi there babe � have any rope to hang u? �
Raysaa: Inquisition period has ended

polo4889@cams: i would sell  my left nut to bang u
Raysaa:U can sell both , ain't gonna happen

jimmy3567789@payg: i havent had sex or touched myself in over a week and im about ready to blow a MASSIVE LOAD!
� jimmy3567789@payg: wanna watch
� jimmy3567789@payg: im talking EPIC LOAD

differantworld@cams has tipped you $2.00 privately with message "squeese your right boob and I get striped naked and put into a large suitcase for 3 hours, squeese your left boob and i get turned into a dog on a collar and leash for new years ever"!

bigfathardcock42@cams: u need a poo bb bend over and push a poo out pls bb

czechdardel@cams: my "neuron" is not lonely, right hand holds it
Raysaa::))) Now I am sure where men have their brain.

numbers4 has 00:04:00 remaining
numbers4@upforit: I paid 25 dollar as it Said.. Now give me something for My money
Raysaa:OMG! That's a fortune what u paid!!! :)))))
Serious now,guys,don't do like him. U will lose u're 25 bucks and also not getting anything

ptigara@cams: do you want to watch me cum on my face like a shit?
Raysaa: :))))))) OMG OMG OMG

nikon193 to You: Hello Beauty, have you ever sacrificed roosters, chickens or rabbits or other animals in your life?
Raysaa:WTF dude?

marselo9023 to You: there is something hard like marble in me
You to marselo9023: lol
You to marselo9023: did u swallowed a marble plaque?


raysaa: hi
seb87200102@upforit: Hello baby
luisigcorti208@upforit: 1.000 EUROS
tito0722@cams: i am reading ur bio and its so funny lool
raysaa: nope ,luisigcorti
raysaa: but i know someone who  is available
luisigcorti208@upforit: MMMM
raysaa: u interested?
luisigcorti208@upforit: SHOW PICS?
seb87200102@upforit: Démonstration action sextoy baby
luisigcorti208@upforit: WHATSAPP?
luisigcorti208@upforit: +34681138261
Raysaa:Guys,don't do like him! This is not a site for escort.

playhardick4051@cams: how many fingers can u use in ur pussy
Raysaa:Looking at his nick is enough to to see that he doesn't have much brain.

testilke684@cams to You: If you shit your panties  i would lick it all uo
Raysaa:If he does this all the time,don't want to think how his breath smell.
And btw,let me tell you a joke:
''A guy gets into a restaurant and order shit with onion.
The waiter  looked at him strange and ask if he is serious about his order.
He said that he will pay anything to get it.
The waiter looked strange,but in the end he brought him a plate with shit and onion.
The next day the same;the third day the same and so on...Till one day the waiter saw him and asked  if is shit with onion,like usual, and he answered: Today without onion!!!  I have  a date! ''

dancewithdragons@cams to You: can you hump the teddy bear behind you bb?
raysaa: what means hump?
dancewithdragons@cams to You: masturbate with it
dancewithdragons@cams to You: fuck it, pretend it's me
raysaa: cmon
dancewithdragons has 00:07:00 remaining
raysaa: does not look like u

arisland11@cams:  sperm immediately for u - cam 2 cam (no pvt)
Raysaa: BAN fot YOU immediately :))))))))))))))

gunjin@payg: you ever fantasize about putting a flea coller on mey and having my balls removed....i do....its my tuesday tea time fantasy....but the tea is laced so be careful ...thats how i got pregnant at 13 just sloppy attention to mushroom tea
Raysaa:I have no idea what he's talking about. Can someone explain it to me? :P:P:P

mortlach@cams: christ almighty
mortlach@cams: i wanna motorboat ur shit
Raysaa:He would be very happy 150 years ago  when  the toilette was only a big hole. :))))

nca01@cams to You: do you have a toy and a hair dryer there?
nca01@cams to You: yes baby... want you to blow warm air on my hard cock as you stroke it for me...

raysaa: hello
fastlane6949@cams: strip now
raysaa: say hello
raysaa: be nice
raysaa: be human]
raysaa: be educated
fastlane6949@cams: i end session if no strip
raysaa: i end if if u don't say hello
...and I did it!

natas6662113@cams: I have my dick out looking at u beautiful
raysaa: does u're dick have eyes?
natas6662113@cams: just one it a brown eyed snake lol
Raysaa:I had to add him because he was funny and made me laugh!

calgon631: I want to smell your Fart. I bet it smells like Hot Buttered Popcorn
Raysaa:I have to admit that u have a big imagination.

mrkajor: Beg for my cock dear
Raysaa: :))))))))))))))))))))))) loooooooooooool omg

prince007: monster cock for you ok
Raysaa: Monsters don't exist!!!!!

frozensolidd to You: hi  [reply private]
frozensolidd to You: would u vomit for me?
Raysaa:to how disgusting you are, I could vomit

bigfathardcock1: push a poo out bb
bigfathardcock1: push
Raysa: :))))))))))))

savageguy1 to You: hey babe, in private would you masturbate with a bottle for me?
Raysaa:nah,my pussy don't drink ! ;)

lanimal074 to You: can you belch on command?
Raysaa: animal fits u good

trevman2014 to You: how much can you fit in your ass at a time?
trevman2014 to You: one finger? one hand?
Raysaa:u're brain,cuz is smaller then a peanut

padi3514 to You: baby my iphone is bigger tahn my dick, its good??? for you
You to padi3514: u're wallet too?

bigdick13nick: arite perfect now i know what flowers to put on the casket after i murder that tight little pussy

woodduck2000: i want a big toy to hurt that pussy
raysaa: omg ! i think u need a doctor! U're sick!!

browbear86: hi love
browbear86: im josh
browbear86: in private would you do ass to mouth with a toy
raysaa: congrats,josh! u just got u're self a place on my wall of shame

lance31: mmm
raysaa: hey
lance31: show your tits bb
lance31: mmmm
lance31: i m exiting
raysaa: say hello  first
lance31 has ended a private chat

kofstad: I look for girls who also offer sex for money in real life, is that you ?
Raysaa: dude,u're in the wrong place. Go to the corner of u're street and u may find what u're looking for

lund_99: let see you eating your nipples in pvt babe
raysaa: sorry  lund,but i had breakfast  this morning
raysaa: not so hungry now
raysaa: how can i eat my nipps?????

10injackhammer has 00:07:00 remaining
10injackhammer: whole hand in u
raysaa: are u serious?
10injackhammer has 00:06:00 remaining
raysaa: who does this???

lanimal074 to You: can you belch on command

willy65b: can you juggle a bowling ball and a chainsaw in pvt for me?
Raysaa:this guy watch too  much tv

al_0586: show your meat wallet

rampant95: so will you use egg in pvt
Raysaa: u want breakfast or what?

pussylicker68: put your hand in pussy and fuck it
Raysaa:I have no words for him

stephenusn: flash for cash
Raysaa: he's funny

johnnym716: Will you bark for me like a dog in pvt bb?
Raysaa:i don't know what's wrong with some men when they see a beautiful woman

Raysaa:Vampires exist!!!! I found one here:
smiley6661 to You: I would love to eat your period

nic22046: can you put your hand complite in your ass:
Raysaa: omg :))))))))

arisland11: sperm for u live immediately (cam 2 cam )ok ?

demerzel7584: What do you do in pvt? Double penetration? Bottle in your pussy?

fint4567 to You: can u drool spit on ur body

deeds1988: would you bend over and make fart noises from your ass???

prodigy1123 to You: if i show you my cock on cam will you spit on your boobies love
prodigy1123 to You: does showing you my cock on cam count as tip
Raysaa:your cock is worthless,so it doesn't count

steadylifting1 to You: hey sexy will you take your hands in pvt and spread that mouth open wide so i can see down your throat'
Raysaa: I think he dreamed  to be a dentist

chiassse to You: hi do you do ass to mouth in pvt?

gsv023 has 00:09:00 remaining
raysaa: heey
gsv023: hey get naked
gsv023: show me your pussy
gsv023 has 00:08:00 remaining
raysaa: hey act human
raysaa: i am not here to take u're orders
gsv023 clicked end of show.

...to be continued

When you see me as an sex object. I am human just like you and have a soul.COLOR]
Kinky Attributes
Bondage, Dildos, Discipline, Domination, Foot, Handcuffs, High Heels, Lace, Latex, Leather, Masturbation, Nurse/Doctor, Oral Fixation, Paddling/Spanking, Role Playing, Toys, Vibrators, Voyeurism
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