Become a Streamray Model Today!

So you've decided to take that first step to financial freedom and become a Streamray Online Live Model. Plan on making more money that you can possibly imagine! We're going to do whatever we can to make it all come true for you.

What services you receive:
  • Your own live show site - you can make money for every minute of your shows!
  • Our unique website lets you make money with fan clubs and recorded shows even when you're not online!
  • The ability to view up to the minute statistics of your shows 24/7!
  • The easiest broadcasting program availiable - all you need is a webcam and a smile!
  • A friendly and reliable support staff to help you make the most possible.
  • We do 100% of the marketing to bring clients to you to spend money on your shows!

  • What we handle so you don't have to:
  • All bandwidth costs
  • Hosting from a state of the art facility
  • Management of all web, video, and chat servers
  • All costs of webmaster and referrer programs
  • We handle all the technical and marketing costs - all you need to do is have fun!

  • We here at have tried to make becoming one of our talented online models a very simple process. One of our friendly representives will be glad to help you in anyway they can.

    All documents must be either mailed or e-mailed in order for you to become a Streamray Online Live Model. Please contact the Models Department at (888) 546-0188 (Toll free domestic) and (408)702-1112 (International). for any assistance you may need.

    Please download, print and review the following the Streamray Customer Broadcast Agreement.PDF(96k). The Streamray Customer Broadcast Agreement includes the Broadcast Release (Exhibit A); and the Performer Acknowledgement and Agreement (Exhibit B).

  • Streamray Customer Broadcast Agreement. The Streamray Customer Broadcast Agreement must be signed in order to receive funds from Streamray. Please initial pages 1-4 and sign page 5 of the Streamray Customer Broadcast Agreement. Click the following link to see a completed example. | Example

  • Broadcast Release (Exhibit A). The Broadcast Release must be signed by anyone who wishes to broadcast on a Streamray website. Please initial page 1-2 and sign page 3 of the Broadcast Release (Exhibit A). Click the following link to see a completed example of this. | Example

  • ID Certification: This form must be signed and filled out for any ID submitted.

  • You may leave the Performer Acknowledgement and Agreement (Exhibit B) blank unless instructed otherwise by a Streamray representative.

  • Color copy of valid form of identification.
    — At least one form of I.D. MUST have a photo and birth date. This ID must also be government issued.
    — Passport, drivers license, or government issued ID cards are accepted. No postal ID's will be accepted.
    — We reserve the right to reject any ID or request additional IDs as needed.
    — If emailed, ID's must be in the form of .GIF, .JPG, .BMP. All ID's must be in color, black and white images will not be accepted.
    — Documents sent by fax will not be accepted.

  • Two high-resolution color Headshots
    — First Headshot photo will need to be a current high-resolution color photo of you.
    — Second Headshot photo, also high-resolution and in color, must include your ID or passport next to your face. The ID or passport must be legible (readable) or the photo will not be accepted.
    — The Headshot photos will allow our verification staff to accurately identify the model when they are broadcasting.

  • Alluring and sexy photo of yourself
    — Photo must include your face (no hardcore shots).
    — This image will be used to promote your live shows. Image must be larger than 200x150 pixels.
    — If emailed, photos must be in the form of .GIF, .JPG, .BMP. Photos sent by fax will not be accepted.

  • Model alias and password
    — Your model alias can be no longer than 12 letters or numbers.
    — No commas, underscores, spaces, etc. are allowed.
    — Submit a minimum of 3 choices for your model alias. If your requested alias is not available, we will have to assign one to you. Submitting at least 3 choices will help ensure we come close to your requested model alias.

  • In order to process your model application as soon as possible,
    please upload all required documents on the same day.

    Only 1 model per stream unless stream is designated as a girl/girl, girl/guy, guy/guy stream.

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  • Please email items to:


  • Please mail items to Streamray:
    Streamray Inc.
    220 Humboldt Court
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089