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Basic Profile
Age: 25
Birthday: April 01
Sign: Aries
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Country: Hong Kong
Ethnicity: Asian
Height: 5 ft 5 in / 165-167 cm
Weight: 110 lbs / 49 kg
Bra Size: 34C
Favorite Position:
Eye Color: Brown eyes
Hair Color: Black Hair
Smoker: No
Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin)
About SasaYoshino
♥Before I Start Talking About Me, I Wanna Talk  About...♥
Ooo what is this girl gonna start talking about..?? Well.......... I wanted to say THANK YOU to all my EXTREAMLY LOVELY & AWESOME FANS, for every single things you guys have done for me. I remember when I first started I was a lost, nervous and confused little girl coming into something totally new to me. I still remember when I got my first FAN I was totally like hey, somebody actually joined my fan club!� and I was so happy! Silly me.. Lol. And you know what, he's still right here, never left me from then till now. Slowly I work my way up, trying to improve myself day after day. You know guys, you all really meant a lot to me. I'm so glad I have you guys here all this time, supporting me unconditionally. Caring for me when I'm sick, sending me emails and getting all worried about me. Sharing happy moments together when we are spending times here. Those thingswe been through makes me so much stronger to keep moving forward. * tears of joy rolling down my cheek * You guys mean a lot to me!!!
♥REMEMBER : I do better because of U! Thank you very very much. :)

♥Come Join The Fun!!♥
Join my FAN CLUB and go private with me at $2.99 instead of $4.99! That's like 40% discount just for U! Special treat & gifts for my fan club members! Call me in private! Watch over 100 of my HOT videos ABSOLUTELY free, new daily! Collect my hot and sexy photo gallery pictures. Get over 100 free snap shot of my nude show photos too! Uses big toys for Fans! ^^ Exchange email to keep in touch! Special Outfits for roleplay!! You get everything and I meant EVERYTHING when you join SASA YOSHINO FAN CLUB!!!!


Hi to all the sexy man and woman out there! My name is SaSa, and I'm proud to be in cams to show you what I have got to offer to get you excited, high, horny and hot!! You can learn more about me if you kindly finish reading this entire biography page. I personally guarantee that there will be no BS or FAKE in what I do here. I am real, my hot recorded shows are real, my playfulness and horniness when we are in private is definitely real, my diaries are real, my photos are real!! You can choose to chat with me online when I'm in free chat, or either check on my schedule and see what is best for you or what I have got to offer you. I do take special request and strive to make my fans and regular visitors really happy.

I would just like to share something I found out about me being here. After being here for more then a year I realize that I actually have so much fun that I didn't notice it has been more then a year and that I have got to know so many nice, fun, funny and sexy gentleman here. It has been a journey for me, and I have been through a lot here. I guess the reason I'm still here is because I find that this is a place where I can meet cool and nice people who are willing to share and enjoy the moment with me. I'm being quoted as the fun, funny, sexy, happy, cute, friendly, nice, naughty, horny, crazy girl from my fans and regular visitors. Haha. Yeah, and you gotta see it to believe it. Okay, so without further a do, lets move on to...

I am from Hong Kong, and my first language is English. As most of you know Hong Kong people speaks Cantonese. I also manage to learn Mandarin from watching a lot of Taiwan series years back. So these are the three languages you could interact with me during our chat season.  

Facts About Me ^SaSa Yoshino^

♥ SaSa is my name. Sa Sa is my middle and last name.
♥ Yoshino is just a nick, it's not my name
♥ I am NOT a studio girl. I work at home.
♥ I am NOT Japanese  (I have been asked a million times)
♥ I am 25 years old
♥ I'm an Aries.
♥ I'm from Hong Kong.
♥ I speak English, Cantonese & Mandarin
♥ I am 5'5 = 165cm tall
♥ I am 123Lbs
♥ My stats are 36C' 25' 36
♥ My ethnicity are Chinese / Korean
♥ I am shaved, most of it
♥ I love to sing and dance in my show
♥ I love to smile (it's something you see me doing all the time)
♥ I love to laugh (I just can't help it, but I have so much fun here) wink*
♥ I love anime! (eehemm I know girls usually don't though!)
♥ I love watching family guy!! They are so badass and hilarious!!

Here Are Some Special Notes To my Fan Club Members :
I Want To tell you....

<♥> I always loves my fans
<♥> Having U in My club is the best motivation for Me to do better
<♥> Thank U from deep in my heart for being My fan club member
<♥> I cherish & appreciate UR support
<♥> U Rock My World!
<♥> I promise to always perform the best I can for U
<♥> I love you so very very much!

Sometimes it takes rain
To make the flowers grow
Sometimes it takes real pain
Before real joy one knows

Sometimes it takes tomorrows
To understand days gone by
Sometimes before the laughter
There comes heavy sigh
Sometimes it takes the longest mile
Before things come insight
Sometimes I often wonder
How I could live my life happier
And then U came by
And fill my loneliness inside

All I wanna do
Is to be always here for U
I wanted you to know
That I don't want U to go

Sometimes when I think
This has been the greatest thing
That ever happen to me

My dear can U see?
Thank U for everything
That you have done for me

What should i write
What could it be
Just three words


I have a few rates in my shows and below I shall explain how it goes.

♥ NUDE SHOW at $2.99 ♥
Hot Hardcore/Softcore Fucking Pussy With Toys, Messing With My Vibrator Or Fingers
I will be in nude chat at $2.99 randomly when I'm invited by any visitors.
( If you shall need me privately or if you need any special request, kindly invite me to private and we shall fulfill your desire. )

♥ PRIVATE SHOW at $4.99 ♥
So What Do You Find In My Private Shows? In My Private Shows I have :-
♥ My Willingness To Chat / Accompany / Share Anything U Wanted To Tell Me Or To Know
♥ My Hot and Sexy Striping Dance Show
♥ My Hot Vibrator Show
♥ My Hot Hardcore/Softcore Fucking Show (On Request)
♥ My Anal and Double Penetration Show (For Fan Club Member Only)
♥ My Sexy Moaning and Screaming Voice When We Rock
♥ My Dirty Talking
♥ My Good Time With You and Only U
♥ Role Playing ( Nurse/Doctor, Secretary/Boss, Student/Teacher & etc ( For Fan Club Member Only )
♥ My Full Attention, My Willingness To Talk & Listen If You Only Wish To Chat Privately

Okay, so you probably heard about the "JOIN MY FAN CLUB" thing a hundred thousand times but here's a few tips about why I'm talking about it everyday, every minute you enters my room. So... Whats with the fan club fanatic thing anyways??

♥ It works like Voodoo or something that makes us models want you in our FAN CLUB so badly.
♥ It's the easiest way to make a girl happy (it works well on me) when you simply join her FAN CLUB.
♥ It's how special you think the girl is or how much you appreciate seeing her on/offline in cams.
♥ It lets you get closer to my heart, my soul and my world.
♥ No kidding, it's all true facts... All My Fans Experienced It..

And also.. You and I know that you are all here to have fun.
You wanted to see, enjoy and get the best deal with your credits.
Therefore, here's why, I'm your Best CHOICE.

In My Fan Club, You'll Enjoy The Following :

♥ My Special Made Sexy Photo Album (Ask Me About It) For Fans Who Joined My Fan Club For 3 Months.
♥ My Private Is $2.99 For Fans
♥ My High Definition Crystal Clear Zooming Quality Videos
♥ My Exclusive Fan Club Video!
♥ My Double Penetration Show
♥ My Anal Show
♥ My Private & Nude Show Discount
♥ My Recorded Videos (Updated Daily) For Free!
♥ My Hot & Sexy Photo Collection Updated Every Month
♥ My Email, To Keep In Touch Better
♥ My Total Full Attention
♥ My Genuine Love & Friendship
♥ and Special Surprises Every Now & Then

So What's The Financial Benefits Of Being In My Fan Club?
Here's My Calculation, Helping U To Understand How U Could Save & Play More

My Normal Private Cost is $4.99 minute
3 Minutes Private With Me Would Cost U An Exact Total Of  $15
Do You :
~ Realize That for less than $15US U Could Have Been SaSa's Fan Club Member?
~ Realize How Much Fun You'll Get Enjoying Over 100 Of My Hot Videos Absolutely Free?
~ Know That You Will Get 10% To 20% Discount In Private When You Are In My Fan Club?
~ Want To Spend Longer Quality Time & Fun With Me?
~ Miss me when I am off line? Wanna Watch My Hot Videos Whenever You Desire?

Why Do I Want U in My Fan Club So Bad Anyways?
~ I get so excited when I see my fans in my chat room
~ I want you to get to know Me better
~ I want you to prove U really do adore/like Me
~ I can tell when u do, coz a fan alwayz does
~ I totally like My fans, indeed I LOVE My FANS!!
~ I want to give U My total attention
~ I believe that a fan is a friend and friends are important in my life
~ I want U to be able to see me 24/7 whenever U miss me when I am not online
~ I don't want U to be charged when u click on my recorded shows
~ I want to spend more time with U
~ I want to make your day a wonderful day, whenever you see Me!

I Would Like To Apologize....
-_-  If my connection ever breaks down.
-_-  If you cannot get into my chat room.
-_-  If we ever get disconnected in the middle of a show.
-_-  If u ever click on a recorded show where I'm just talking or typing.

I Want U To Know That I'm....
^^  Always on as scheduled.  
^^  Never will block U if U haven't done anything bad to me or offended me.
^^  Happy to have U in my room.
^^  Happy just to chat wit U.
^^  Happy when U bring me private to play or to chat  
^^  Glad that I've got U to keep me company.
^^  Happy when I see everyone behaving like friends in my chat room.
^^  Thankful to U for taking the time to read my bio page.


All the Content, Thought & Idea are Originally by Copyright Sasa Yoshino. All Rights Reserved
What Actually Make Me Happy?
My Turn On Could Be Found Here....

^^ I love My FANS!!
^^ I love having U in my Fan Club!
^^ I love sharing excitement with u
^^ I love sharing thoughts with u
^^ I love to be here for u when u need to talk to somebody about anything
^^ I love to dance
^^ I love to sing
^^ I love sex
^^ I love sexy lingeries
^^ I love shopping
^^ I love to smile
^^ I love long private
^^ I like seeing U getting turn on
^^ I love Cam2Cam
^^ I love charming personality gentleman
^^ I love nice conversation
^^ I love role playing
^^ I love to be voted 10 after private
^^ I love good compliment
^^ I love playing with my toys
^^ I love to do blow job in private show
^^ I love to dress up pretty

* I don't mind my bio being copied because :-
~ I understands that not everyone is good in writing bio
~ I'll be really glad if my bio could gives some idea or inspiration to help U

* Please Note That............
~ you can use My idea to help u in ur bio but DO NOT copy & paste

* Because......
~ even if u copy the entire bio content U will only be call as CoPyCat
~ this is obviously originally created, thought & written by SaSa Yoshino, U know that, I know that & everyone else who read this know it.

All the Content, Thoughts & Ideas are Orignally created by Copyright Sasa Yoshino. All Rights Reserved
I understand that U are here to fulfill your DreaMs & Fantasies.
I will be more than willing to fulfill them with U.
If U love ME Please Don't :-
[x] Ask Me personal information. Like where I live. I will not and cannot tell u.
[x] Ask Me to marry you. *wink.... too many wonderful guys to get married to here.
[x] Ask Me to take of my clothes and stuff or change in free chat. U can only do so when u're in pvt.
[x] Ask Me to show my ass, pussy, nipple, etc in Free Chat (but, I would love to show you in Nude or Private Chat). .
[x] Request me to change songs I am playing. Just turn off the speakers if u don like it. Thank u.
[x] Ask Me to meet you when you come to hong kong.
[x] Be mean to Me and others in my chat room. Nobody wants to be banned... or do you?
[x] Call Me a bitch, a slut, a toy, a doll, etc. Be nice and I'll be ur angel.
[x] Call My customers and fans rude names or be rude to them. I dislike mean guys.
[x] Start a fight or argument in my chat room. Behave in my chat room.
[x] Ask  Me if I have a bf. Obviously, All My Fans are my  boyfriends! *Winks

Here are some idea of my turn off happening in my room :
[x] The Annoyer
=> come in, start talking shitty stuff, start a fight, start being rude or mean to SaSa, start calling SaSa mean names like fish face, ugly bitch, stupid bitch, bla bla bla.. ... trust me, you'll get a really good reward, better award, as the sucker of the day, being ban in SaSa's chat room and never ever gonna be able to come in again!! wu~hu!!

[x] The Cheap Beggar
=> Plsss baby plss show me that ass, plsss baby i need to see you nipples, plsss baby i wanna see you pussy, plsss baby moan and make me cum�.......yeah sure, i'll do that for you, when winter comes in summer~ lolz

[x] The Big Liar
=> Show me your ass and i'll take u pvt for 30 minutes!! flash nipple and i'll take u pvt for 30 minutes!! tell me your address and i'll join your fan club!!�...... yea yea.. keep it up mr, i'm sooo into your lies..

[x] The Wierdo
=> Baby how big is your asshole? baby i have 1000USD credit here can u show me something and i bring you pvt for few hours? baby what's the smell of your pussy??�..... do U need a doctor?

[x] The Time Waster / The Freeloader
=> Baby show me ass! baby flash your nipples! baby come on you're here to show us!! baby come on, i need sample!! baby i wanna cum with you!! baby moan baby make me hard!!!...... do me a favor would U? U see a pvt button? Please click on it.

[x] The Spammer
=> You Ugly Bitch! You fish face! You Stupid Fat Copycat! Grow Some Brain! who would wanna pvt such ugly person like u? U're lame!�....... i really don't wanna mention who would probably do that.. but... am I soooo good that I need U to come all the way to spoil my chat room? U think that would ever work? U r just proving how good I am, so thank you very much. Ooo.. And I appreciate your help..  But I don't pay advertising fee though.. Lol.. ^^  

All the Content, Thoughts & Ideas are Orignally created by Copyright Sasa Yoshino. All Rights Reserved
Kinky Attributes
Piercings, Shaved
Ass Play, Dildos, Domination, Foot, Hair Pulling, Handcuffs, High Heels, Latex, Leather, Masturbation, Nurse/Doctor, Oral Fixation, Paddling/Spanking, Role Playing, Toys, Vibrators, Voyeurism, Whips
Wish List
My Virtual Gift Collection
A virtual gift collection of all the gifts received from members during shows.
My Awards
Awards are based on votes of people who have seen private shows, webcam chat with SasaYoshino to help!
Contact Me
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